Emile Rage presented some AVIAMED results to the International Plant Molecular Farming Society Conference in Helsinki

Immature embryos from two elites Egyptian maize lines (Gz 639 and Gz 649) in addition to the American line (A188), were transformed with Agrobacterium harbouring the expression vector recombinant with IBDV-PFcY (AGERI)

Dr. Charifa Drissi Touzani registered in the third year PhD Program in IAV, has spent a training period of two months in ENEA.

Antigens have been successfully purified and are ready for in vivo studies
Experimental study on the pathogenicity of a vvIBDV strain isolated in Morocco in 2017

Transmission Electron Microscopy on plant-derived samples was performed in IZSVe together with scientists from ENEA
An extraction protocol was set-up that allows to minimize contamination by unwanted compounds/proteins

Vector for antigen expression in Cucurbita maxima hairy roots is under construction (INRA-Morocco)

Expression vector harbouring the optimized IBDV-PFcY sequence was constructed
Molecular characterisation of 13 vvIBDV strains (IAV)

Antigens were successfully expressed by transient expression in Nicotiana benthamiana plants
The hypervariable region of the VP2 protein of vvIBDV Moroccan isolates has been molecularly characterized and sequences submitted to GenBank (IAV)

Date of release: 20 December, 2016